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2021 Area Minutes

ACM Minutes/
Assembly Minutes
01/09 Orientation AssemblyEnglishSpanish
01/21 Jan ACM(Brief) English EnglishSpanish
02/18 Feb ACM(Brief) English EnglishSpanish
03/18 Mar ACM(Brief) EnglishEnglishSpanish
04/ Pre-Conf. Assembly(Brief) English EnglishSpanish
04/15 Apr ACM(Brief) EnglishEnglishSpanish
05/20 May ACM(Brief) English EnglishSpanish
06/17 Jun ACM English Spanish
06/__ Post-Conf. AssemblyEnglishSpanish
07/15 JUL ACM EnglishSpanish
08/19 Aug ACM EnglishSpanish
09/__ Big Day AssemblyEnglishSpanish
09/16 SEP ACM Minutes(Brief) EnglishEnglishSpanish
10/21 Oct ACMEnglish Spanish
11/__ NOV Budget AssemblyEnglishSpanish
11/18 NOV ACM Minutes(Brief) EnglishEnglish – Spanish
12/16 DEC ACM Minutes(Brief) EnglishEnglish – Spanish