Web Site Submissions Procedures

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  1. The SDIAA Information Technology Committee (ITC), as trusted servants of the SDIAA, will develop web content that contain Information reports by the SDIAA for public distribution through the “Internet” and “electronic mediaā€.

  2. Although the ITC Webmaster is responsible for the daily maintenance of the website, which requires updating the changing information and implementing changes in the presentation of information posted on our website, the ITC shall consult with Area 8’s Policy Committee or other appropriate committees in determining the accuracy and consistency of information presented on the site prior to posting.

  3. The website shall, in all its matters, always adhere to AA’s principles of the Twelve Traditions and the Twelve Concepts for World Service.

  4. The SDIAA ITC shall answer correspondence regarding the SDIAA Web Site.

  5. Copyright restrictions apply to material displayed on the SDIAA Web Site. Permission will be obtained from the appropriate copyright holder prior to including copyright material on the SDIAA website.

  6. The principal of anonymity, as it applies to other public media such as press, radio and television, will be extended to the “World Wide Web”, “Internet” and “electronic media”.  As such, full names and photographs of AA members should be avoided. Names should be shortened to first name and last initial. If the first name is sufficiently unique to be recognized by the general public, to first and last initial.

  7. The author of suggested changes or additions is requested to provide reasons and background references, i.e. specific source, pages, location etc so they can be verified and discussed before changes are made on the website.

  8. If a suggestion is not acted upon and a member wishes further discussion, they may submit it as a topic to the Area Chairperson.

  9. All events posted on the website must be by AA, for AA and about AA and will be included in monthly reports to the Area Committee. Any request for information posting that is determined to be questionable by the ITC Webmaster will be submitted to the SDIAA Policy Committee prior to posting.