Area Information

“Any meeting of area G.S.R.s and the area committee (see Chapter Five) is an assembly. The area assembly is the mainspring of the Conference structure—the democratic voice of the movement expressing itself. Assemblies are the responsibility of the area committee, and are conducted by its chairperson.”

S. 36 The A.A. Service Manual

  • Area Chair         The Area Chairperson is responsible for chairing  the Area Assembly and the Area Committee Meeting. The Chair is in general the Administrator of both of these meetings. The Area Chair person is also responsible for preparing a report of the Area Committee activities to be presented at each Area Assembly.  It is also the Responsibility of the Area Chair to prepare an Agenda for  the Assembly and the Area Committee Meeting.  You can find these reports on the Area Chair Webpage, or access the most recent documents at the top right menu on this page.
  • Area Delegate The Delegate is our voice to the General Service Conference held once a year in New York. While the Delegate has numerous responsibilities a few of them include: responsibility for communicating the actions of the conference to the Area Committee members who in turn share this information with their groups, attending service meetings in their area as well as their region.   For a complete description of the duties of the Delegate check out a service manual  page s49. Stopping by the  Delegates Corner is a good place to see what is going on with the General Service Conference as well as GSO.
  • Alternate Delegate (This page is where you are able to find the various committees the Alternate serves on and many different ways to be of service).
  • Treasurer  (This is where the buck stops! here you will find monthly financial reports for the Area and our current budget)
  • Registrar (Our Registrar’s keep us all accounted for. Check this page out for info on how that really happens)
  • Secretary (Our Area Secretary takes minutes at Area Committee Meetings as well as our Area Assembly. This is where you will find those documents) You will also find a link on this page to submit your Area Committee Report
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