San Diego Imperial Area Assembly

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S.D.I.A.A. Area 08
P.O. 3670
San Diego CA 92163

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Area Officers and Alternates
Area ChairAlternate Area Chair
Area DelegateAlternate Area Delegate
Area SecretaryAlternate Area Secretary
Area TreasurerAlternate Area Treasurer
Area RegistrarAlternate Area Registrar
Area Standing Committee Chairperson
Accessibility Committee Chair Alternate Accessibility Committee Chair  
Agenda Committee ChairArchives Committee Chair
CPC (Cooperation with the Professional Community) Committee ChairArmed Services Committee Chair
Finance Committee ChairGrapevine/La Vina Committee Chair
Information Technology Committee ChairLiterature Committee Chair
Newsletter Committee ChairTranslation Committee Chair
Policy Committee Chair 
Young People’s A.A. Coordinating Committee 

District Committee Members

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District 23 

*** Hospitals and Institutions San Diego Committee Chair  

*** Hospitals and Institutions North County Committee Chair

***Armed Services Outreach (ADHOC) Committee Chair


Area 08 Liaison Contacts

“Many areas find that a liaison between the central office/intergroup and the area committee is very helpful in maintaining good relations and communication.In some areas the liaison has a vote at the assembly; in others,a voice but no vote.”

S. 41 The A.A. Service Manual

Coordinating CouncilSan Diego (The Intergroup association at our local level is the coordinating council. Each individual group in San Diego County (serving east, central, west and south) is entitled to representation on this council. The representatives or delegates chosen by the individual group is known as the coordinator. The coordinator is a member of the coordinating council and takes part in the deliberations of the council to report back to their group and to bring their groups conscience for matters requiring decision by vote.)
North County Intergroup (The purpose of the North Country Intergroup is to provide a forum for the inter-change of ideas between groups.  To foster a sense of communication and rapport among the various groups. To discuss matters of concern which affect AA as a whole in the north county area
to provide funds for the operation of north county central office (prudent reserve of not less than 6 months nor more than 1 year’s operating expenses). To provide leadership and direction for the smooth operation of the North County office and  to facilitate carrying the message to the alcoholic who still suffers.)
East County Intergroup (The East County Intergroup was formed to help the groups of our area and Imperial Valley carry the message to the alcoholic who still suffers. In the spirit of unity and cooperation, we invite all the groups of East County to attend the monthly business meeting so they may provide their thoughts and input on how we can better serve them)
Oficina Central Hispana – San Diego
Oficina Intergrupal Condado Norte
Intergrupal Sur, Chula Vista
GSDYPAA: no contact information available.
NSDYPAA: no contact information available.
Native American Liaison
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