Why register you group? Read this excerpt
from Area 08 Sept. 2020 Newsletter

About the Area 08 Registrar

The registrar develops and maintains a record of all groups in the area, including group names, General Service Office (GSO) service numbers, meeting time and location, the type of meeting, group membership count, and the General Service Representative (GSR) or group contact information. The registrar is responsible to keep the GSO records current and report the status of the areas groups as active, inactive, merged or unknown groups in each district. Additionally, the registrar develops and maintains an area roster for communication and notification purposes of the GSRs, District Committee Members (DCMs) and Area Committee Members that include names, mailing addresses, email and telephone numbers. Members are encouraged to contact the registrar to obtain or verify their GSO group service number and group name (as recorded with GSO). Group names have a way of becoming distorted by variation over time. Also available for review, is a current history of the groups contributions to GSO. Panel 70.

About the District Registrar

The district registrar is asked to assist the area registrar in identifying groups within their district, and to submit changes of a groups information using the Group Change Form. The area registrar has direct access to the GSO database to make instant changes to the group’s information. District registrars find opportunity to assist groups register with GSO to obtain a service number and to encourage participation and support.

How does a new General Service Representative (GSR) register?

Simply fill out the GSR and Group Information Change Form below and submit it to the registrar. The registrar will forward and update the General Service Office records.

GSR Welcome Packet and Information Kit

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Once a GSR is listed with GSO, they will receive (via US Mail) a welcome package with guidelines and other useful information. (Delivery typically takes up to four weeks.) These materials are sent at no charge, thanks to contributions to GSO. By visiting the resource pages GSR you can read more about the GSR position and view the contents of the Welcome Package and Guidelines now.



Click the appropriate TAB to open REGISTRATION FORM links.

GSR Registration / Group Information Change

DCM and Area Committee Chair Registration

Group (Meeting) Contact Registration


New Group Registration

New “Virtual – Online Only” Group Registration


Group Change Form

Area Liaison Registration


Download a preview of the service kits for GSRs and DCMs.

Kits are mailed directly to you from the General Service Office in NY upon registering. Delivery times vary. Typically 4-6 weeks.

Contents of the General Service Representative (GSR) Kit

Contents of District Committee Member (DCM) Kit


  • Find your GSO – Group ID Number issued by the General Service Office
  • See your Group’s Name as it is known and recorded at GSO
  • Discover your Group’s Anniversary Date

Please confirm and update the Area Registrar with Group Information. Specifically
the Group Member Count and changes of location (when meeting in-person).

Email Registrar

Increasing Group Participation

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