Get Into Service

Service to alcoholics and to AA is a vital part of what keeps us sober. Through service‚ we find ourselves in the middle of AA‚ surrounded by the fellowship and other willing and happy servants. Being in the middle keeps us safe from ourselves‚ safe from apathy‚ safe from drifting away. We no longer feel we are not “a part of‚” because we are working with others and for others. We belong! We make new friendships with sober members‚ learn from them‚ and enjoy a new dimension of fellowship. It’s a long way from the middle of AA to the edge or to the outside of AA. And after being of service for a while‚ we no longer want to be anywhere else!

In addition to the service positions available in meetings‚ working with others can take many forms. Use the tabs below to learn more ABOUT Area 08 Standing Committees.


More ways to be of service; consider volunteering to serve on a Standing Committee.

Based on your interests and or your schedule, select a committee to that works best

for you. You can select multiple committees, and the area chair will assign you to one

of your choices.

Join a standing committee!

Accessibilities Committee

While there are no special AA members there are many who have special needs. This committee works to ensure all have access to AA
meetings, 12th Step work, or AA service regardless of a temporary or permanent physical condition.

CPC Committee

  • Cooperation with the Professional Community Committee Carries the message to professionals about what AA does and what it does NOT do. This committee needs volunteers to participate on panels and give informational presentations to health fairs, county boards, religious and legal organizations.
Finance Committee

This committee assists the Treasurer in maintaining and proposing an annual budget for the San Diego-Imperial area. They review and make committee recommendations on Area 8‘s financial matters and its guidelines

Grapevine/La Viña Committee

Displays the Grapevine and La Viña magazine, books, and other material to groups, districts and other area functions. Their ongoing work includes encouraging fellowship members to subscribe and to contribute stories of their experience to the magazine.

I.T. Committee (Information Technology)

Maintains Area 8’s website as a vital method of electronic communication and storage of resources and other information. They are highly important in maintaining our AA tradition of anonymity, the Concepts of World Service, and Area 8 Structure & Guidelines in our communications. They support and maintain the computer hardware used by the Area Committee officers.

Literature Committee

Maintains an inventory of all Conference-approved books, pamphlets, audio and video materials. This committee displays Conference-approved literature at events such as the Area Assembly and workshops and is available for Fellowship events

Newsletter Committee

Publishes the minutes of Area business in English and Spanish on the website and in print so that they are available to the fellowship it serves. The newsletter also contains Area related articles and reports.

Policy committee

Following our AA Traditions and the Concepts of World Service, the Policy Committee reviews and makes recommendations concerning the Area Structure and Guidelines and General Service related literature. They are responsible for preparing and distributing copies of the Area Structure and Guidelines, proposed changes and amendments.

Young People Coordinating Committee

YPCC (Young People Coordinating Committee) serves as a bridge between General Service and young alcoholic, meetings, groups, and service committees within the area. The committee serves as a resource for people looking to reach YPAA organizations or to get more information about them. It also aids young people in contacting and working with General service, as well as utilizing the services provided by the area.


Ensures that all Area documents are provided in English and Spanish so anyone can participate in AAservice. The committee is continually in need of fluent English-Spanish participants.