Archives Committee

Archive service work is how AA collects, preserves and shares the heritage of our Fellowship. (Heritage=valued cultural traditions, objects and qualities that have been passed down from previous generations.) We do this so that you can learn and grow. We study, share, discuss, and preserve books, brochures, and oral histories.

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Documents and Forms:

Archives Committee Documents
Archive Guidelines: ENGLISH
Group History Form: ENGLISH SPANISH
Archives Workbook: ENGLISH SPANISH


Group Histories:

Downtown Discussion GroupEnglish
North Park Men’s HistoryEnglish 
A Woman’s Meeting (San Diego)English 
Artists in Sobriety (San Diego)English 
 La Mesa Men’sEnglish 
AA in FallbrookEnglish 
Attitude Adjustment (Fallbrook)English 
 Linda Vista Men’sEnglish 
AA in North CountyEnglish 
Clairemont Men’sEnglish 
Scripps Ranch Men’sEnglish 
San Diego H & I Short HistoryEnglish 
Sunday Mid-Day San DiegoEnglish 
 The Mission Hills GroupEnglish 
Eye OpenerEnglish 
History of Roots  
OB Women’sEnglish

Oral Histories Library

Area 08 Archives Oral History Library

Colleen B. (7/12/2021)

Connie M. (9/08/2021)

Dave M. (9/04/2021)

Gary U. (11/24/2021)

Judy D. (9/11/2021)

Julie O. (9/26/2021)

Margaret G. (8/20/2021)

Scripps Ranch Men’s (12/01/2021)

Jerry C. and John L.

Tim L. (10/04/2021)

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